In today’s tumultuous economy, working with reliable, domestically based manufacturing partners is of increasing importance. Since COVID-19 reared its ugly head over 18 months ago, many organizations (especially those who rely on manufactured parts) have been working hard to identify manufacturing organizations they can count on. With factories being shuttered, extreme weather causing havoc, and shipments taking longer than ever, having the right prototyping resources in place can help you reduce your risk of part delays while protecting your bottom line.

In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of selecting the right prototyping resources, along with some important things to look for when selecting a new manufacturing partner.

Why It’s Important to Select the Right Partner

Avoid Hold-Ups: By having a reliable prototyping supplier, you can put yourself in a position to be less impacted by potential delays. If your go-to supplier is unable to complete a project for you, it can mean missing a deadline and taking a potential hit to your revenue. If your projects keep getting delayed, you may want to consider whether the company is able to handle the type of business you require, or if you should move to a more agile partner with the resources in place to meet your deadlines every time.
Solve Problems Quickly: Having knowledgeable suppliers can give you the upper hand when it comes to problem solving. When an issue arises, you will want to have partners who can help you find a creative solution as quickly as possible. If there’s an issue with your design, or if a material is not a good fit for your application, an ideal partner will be honest with you and help point you in the right direction. Think of it as having your own personal army of problem solvers – their mission is to keep your project on track.
More Capabilities and Better Quality: When you’re looking for quick validation on your designs before moving into production, it’s important to have access to the right technologies. An ideal prototyping partner will invest in up to date technologies and equipment to ensure your product development process is as seamless as possible. Not only that, a reputable supplier will have robust quality processes and certifications in place (more on that later).

Things to Look For:

Capacity: Be on the lookout for suppliers who have ample capacity to get your projects completed on time. Ask lots of questions about current availability, machine capabilities, and lead times.

Industry Expertise: Don’t be afraid to ask a potential supplier about their experience working with other companies in your vertical. Look for examples of relevant work they’ve recently completed, case studies or references from customers in your line of business. Make sure any potential partner can accommodate the needs of your specific industry.

Certifications: Look into a potential partner’s certifications, including the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This is especially important, because it means the company successfully passed an audit by an independent body that demonstrates they surpass extremely high industry quality standards and have a continued commitment to improved quality assurance.

Got a Project In Mind?

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