Urethane Castings

Our specialty is cast urethane parts and there are many applications. The parts are cast in silicone tools, sometimes called soft-tools or temporary tools, due to the limited tool life. It is a great way to get multiples of functional parts for field testing, validation builds and low-volume production. Some ideal candidates are situations that require 6 or more parts with a fairly quick-turn, large parts, designs in flux and bridge to production scenarios.

Hard Models (Functional Parts)

One-off hard models may need to be functional when they will be shipped and handled by people at trade shows, focus groups, photo shoots and internal staff-reviews. Some 3D printed materials are robust, but not all can survive. UMI offers a variety of CNC and robust printed options with or without cosmetic paint.

Prototyping (Fit Check Parts)

UMI is committed to turn-key solutions and offers the broad spectrum of 3D printing solutions available in the marketplace – including the latest technologies and materials. Contact your Product Development “Master” to identify the processes and materials that are best for the early stages of your project.

Low-Volume Production

Many customers use cast urethane parts as end-use parts for low-volume production or geometry that cannot be achieved with traditional hard-tooling methods. Typical candidates are products with annual volumes of 200 units or less, products with lengthy ramp-up to production timelines and products whose design is still in development.

Finishing — Painting & Secondary Ops

Urethane Masters has in-house finishing. Our “Master” Painters can prime your parts for final paint at your shop or provide parts with full-cosmetic paint, according to your specifications. Textures, soft touch paint, pad printing, rub-on graphics, decals, shielding, vacuum metalizing, over-molding, inserts and assembly are among our turn-key product offerings.

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