Cast Urethanes

One of Manufacturing’s Best Methods

Fortune 100 manufacturing companies turn to Urethane Masters’ Cast Urethane expertise for their time-critical product releases. Developments in advance formula polymers (AFP’s), fiber-reinforced castings and molding methods enable customers to quickly manufacture durable short-run production components and the highest quality prototypes with the technology and materials suitable for their project.

Urethane Masters is set apart by the caliber of our professionals. Three Cast Urethane operations in the U.S. are managed by master craftsmen combined with a talented project engineering staff to create a recipe for total customer satisfaction. We have the largest polymer casting operation in North America—both in terms of production capacity and part size capabilities. We’ve delivered quality castings of up to 400 in³ with custom set-up capability to handle up to 1,000 in³. All of this with the best on-time delivery track record in the business.

UL 94 V0, FAR 25.853 and USP Class 6 materials are all available – forge ahead with clinical trials, product testing, alpha builds, beta builds and low-volume production pieces. We offer Micro-welded inserts, EMI & RFI shielding, cast-in-color with optical color matching, in house production paint capability, Mold-Tech® finishes, and complex over-molding.

Urethane Casting Process

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Sample Urethane Casting Applications

  • Production parts
  • Alpha & Beta Builds
  • Pre-Production Parts
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Early Revenue Generation
  • A-Rank Vehicle Components
  • Design & Engineering Verification
  • Assembly Line Verification & Tuning

Sample Urethane Cast Part from Urethane Masters

When to Choose Urethane Casting

Optimum Mechanical Properties

Optimum Mechanical Properties are assured by first selecting the best advanced formula polymer and then meticulously controlling vacuum, heat, temperature, pressure and duration of each step. The benefit of this process is likened to annealing steel – producing parts with highest mechanical properties with no built-in stresses. Our AFP3100 offers Izod Impact Strength of 2.10 ft-lb/in. This is unattainable with traditional room temperature methods. Flexural modulus, tensile strength, elongation, heat deflection, and other properties are also maximized with our own in-house proprietary process.

Void-Free Castings

Void-free Castings are a predictable result of our proprietary process. This is assured with the proprietary vacuum differential fill method and the subsequent heat and pressure cure. In contrast, conventional RTV molding is performed at ambient temperature and pressure where bubbles and voids are often an unwelcome byproduct of the process.

Net Shape Master Patterns

Net Shape Master Patterns are a unique advantage of the UMI process. Net shape patterns are not scaled to accommodate shrink like that of the traditional RTV molding process. Net shape master patterns may be used as exact form and fit models to verify critical fit prior to the casting process. The conventional RTV approach utilizes master patterns that have been scaled up to accommodate for shrink during the curing process making the pattern unsuitable for fit verification.

Micro-Welded Inserts

Micro-welded Inserts were developed as an answer to our customers’ requirement for extremely strong bonding for threaded inserts. This proprietary bonding is offered exclusively in MasterCast™. Our torque test results demonstrated that the Micro-welded inserts were on average 50 to 100% stronger than bonded inserts and over 100% stronger than heat staked inserts.

“They have far exceeded my expectations of delivery, accuracy, and customer service. I would be happy to recommend them to colleagues and will definitely consider them for prototyping requirements in the future.”

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